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  I always say that postpartum hair loss is up there amongst all the other things like diapers, (not for the baby), extreme exhaustion/lack of sleep, and the first postpartum bowel movement that everyone forgets to mention when they are reminiscing, with bliss, about their postpartum experience. Postpartum hair loss or shedding that is significant occurs to up to 50% of postpartum women. Some of this shedding is physiological, or in simpler terms, happens for good reasons because your body realizes that it is no longer pregnant. Shedding typically starts at 3-4 months postpartum and usually slows by 6-7 months...

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Ahh the 4th trimester, chalk this one up to another one of those things “no one told you”. I remember how hard the first two weeks were with Harvey, with breastfeeding challenges and recovering physically myself. Many women in my circle told me “just make it to 6 weeks, it gets so much better”. Things did get better by 6 weeks, but I definitely noticed a more substantial improvement at the 3-month mark. When I told people this they laughed and said, “yeah but no one wants to tell you that because 3 months feels like forever!” I am the...

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