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Being a mom is such a demanding 24/7 job it is no wonder that so many moms feel burned out at one point or another in their motherhood journey. It is quite common for moms to feel burned out when they have young children, under the age of 5, as they are still quite dependent for most of their day to day needs. Many moms think that they are “just a little tired” not necessarily burned out because they don’t feel like they need an IV caffeine drip, but there are more subtle signs before you get to this degree...

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This is something that many women come to see me for as they are wanting to do it but are scared of how it is going to go. For some women, it goes really smoothly and they don’t miss a beat and for others it can be a bit more of a process.   Factors that I have seen contribute to having a more difficult time coming off the pill include: -How long you have been taking it -How young you were when you first started taking the pill -Your reactions/side effects to different pills -If you were on the...

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I am guessing that you never expected to still have acne in your late 20’s and 30’s? Many of my patients sailed through their teens and early 20’s with perfect skin only to be saddled with what we call “late onset adult acne”. I have a confession to make, I am one of those people. I always had great skin, which is really helpful when you have a skincare line! Then suddenly when I started my practice, my face broke out and didn’t stop for close to 3 years. Why was this happening?!  There I was a “skincare expert” with...

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For years we have been told that food has no impact on acne. Remember hearing when you were a teenager that eating chocolate and drinking pop would not make your skin break out? Well I am here to challenge those thoughts today. It’s not that simple. I am sure most of you know many people who eat or ate all kinds of “junk food” and had perfect skin! But like everything to do with the body, the way your body responds is unique. Our skin is like a window that allows us to have a sneak peak at what is...

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Let’s face it. Sometimes things need to get really bad before we are ready to change what we are doing. In my practice, I see that this is often the case with acne, PMS and painful periods. If a patient has the occasional break out, PMS only sometimes or the odd painful period it is not something that is front of mind. Sometimes people also need a concrete reason to do a detox beyond “it is good for you, and helps you feel better”. Today I am going to explain HOW doing a detox can help reduce Acne, PMS and...

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