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I get it. You want to get better and deeper sleep, but you find that you can’t consistently stick to your bedtime routine. There is always something that comes up to keep you from getting into bed, and too much on your mind once you get there to allow for sleeping. This week I am going to show you my favorite hacks to get the best quality of sleep, even if you are short on time. One common problem with sleep that I see all the time with my patients is that they can’t get into bed. They have a...

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A bedtime routine may be something you haven’t thought about since you were in elementary school. Back then taking a bath, unwinding, and reading a few books were likely an important part of your evening. Bedtime routines tend to take a back seat as we get older, but with the number of patients I see in my office every week with sleeping problems, it may be time to bring them back. Why are bedtime routines a good idea for adults? For starters, our body likes routine. You may find that your body works the best when you go to bed...

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