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  Do you or your children suffer from eczema?   Watch the video to find out 1) The most common foods that aggravate eczema 2) My top 3 tips to reduce itching 3) Key vitamins and minerals for eczema   Dr Alexis Dr Alexis practices in Kanata and is accepting new patients. To schedule your appointment, click here.

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In my last post we went over what the symptoms of postpartum anxiety are and what factors make someone more likely to suffer from it. In today’s post I am going to discuss ways to help manage postpartum anxiety naturally. As you have seen, anxiety can have multiple different causes and present in many different ways, making the proper treatment of anxiety very individualized. You should always consult with a naturopathic doctor before starting any vitamin/mineral or herbal regime to insure that you are taking safe and therapeutic doses, there are no interactions with any other supplements or medications that...

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It can start innocently enough. You worry about the baby catching the virus your toddler brought home, that the visitors coming over may not wash their hands properly and transfer germs to your baby, people in the grocery store may touch without asking. Then it starts escalating, you find yourself constantly checking your baby to make sure they don’t have a fever, you google all the potential illnesses your baby may be susceptible to because they are so young, you start not wanting to leave the house to keep them safe from the germs of the outside world. This is...

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adrenal glands, batch cooking, healthy eating, meal planning, natural, naturopathic medicine, Ottawa - I will admit I was the first to think….meal planning, what a pain?! With that being said, I have been doing it for the first time for the last 3 weeks and I am actually quite enjoying it. When life gets super busy it is nice to know what is for dinner and that you will have leftovers for lunch. Healthy eating can be really expensive, and it helps you to not waste food, have a good supply of common ingredients and plan your meals around what the sales are that week.   One of my favorite easy breakfast...

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I get asked ALL THE TIME what kind of makeup I use. I completely understand! It can be hard to find good quality natural makeup that works, without breaking the bank.   Why is it important to use natural makeup anyways? For many of you who have been following us on Facebook and reading the blog it is “old news” that the skin is the biggest organ and ABSORBS what is put on it Need proof of this? Think about nicotine patches. Through the skin, or transdermally, is a recognized route of absorption for medications, and it works the same...

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