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By now most you are most likely starting to feel some relief from the morning sickness and fatigue that has plagued you during your first trimester. Just when you think you are going to be feeling like your old self again, these second trimester surprises can pop up: Leg Cramps, Urinary Tract Infections and Headaches. I know what you are thinking, you had always heard that the second trimester was smooth sailing! For some women it is, but for many their ailments just change form. Rest assured though that many second trimester complaints are easily managed by naturopathic medicine. In...

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  From the moment you get a positive pregnancy test your whole world changes! Excitement, fear, worry, most women run the gauntlet of emotions. It can be hard to even believe or conceptualize that you are actually pregnant because you still feel like your normal self. Then suddenly it hits. The morning sickness and fatigue. Why did no one warn you about this? One of the hardest parts about being pregnant for some women is that they can no longer use their go to medicines. It is a time in life when you are forced to try a more natural...

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The Toronto Baby Show is a great spot for new and expecting parents to talk to parenting experts face to face, discover the best eco-friendly products for your baby, get a free massage and shop till you drop! You should plan on stopping by the Enercare Centre, Hall D at Exhibition Place on Oct 1st from 9 am- 6 pm and Oct 2nd from 10 am- 5 pm. This is my 4th time attending this show so I thought I would do a spot light on my favorite booths. Be sure to stop by the Eco Chic Movement booth and...

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  Etsy Made in Canada is one of the largest handmade shows around. If you like handmade items as much as I do, this is a show you cannot miss! This is my second year participating in the show so I thought I would do a spotlight on my favorite booths! Of course we will also be there, right when you get inside the door on the left. So be sure to stop by and say hi….and yes I will have both Pomegranate and Pumpkin Spice Body Butter. We sold out of both last year so I am bringing a...

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I grew up in a family of dairy farmers, and was always a milk drinker. It’s hard to come of age during the “Got Milk” era and not think that dairy is the best thing since sliced bread. Back in 1994, if it was good enough for Doug Gilmour and his cow legs, it was good enough for me. I didn’t just have a little dairy. I was a 3-4 glasses of milk a day plus yogurt and cottage cheese kind of teenager. It wasn’t until I was in Naturopathic School that I started to question dairy. I had long...

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