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7 Day Body Reset Challenge

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Join Dr Alexis Reid ND for our 7 Day Body Reset Challenge


  This program was created to help you feel your best! 

Our Participants Experience


What you will get with the program

  • How to cleanse and nourish your body from the inside out, eliminating the toxins trigging your cravings and feeding your body with healthy revitalizing nutrients…


  • The 2 phases of liver detoxification that will allow you to improve over 500 total body functions in just one easy to follow step…


  • 8 “Can’t Eat” Foods you’ll avoid for the next 7 days. Yes—It will be hard to cut these out, but our private Facebook Support Group will help keep you on track…


  • Your kitchen clean out cheat sheet—Learn how to prepare for your detox and replace your “reach for this” snack foods with healthy detoxifying alternatives…


  • Why you’ll notice dramatic results in just 3 days thanks to a research-backed and real-world proven 7-step body reset process…


  • Day-by-Day instructions, meals, menus (complete with substitutions), snack lists and guidance…


Take A Look At The Tools You’ll Use

To Reset Your Body:


7-Day Body Reset Detox Guide

Kitchen Clean Out Cheat Sheet

7-Day Body Reset Group Support

Use this complete step-by-step guide to learn how toxins are sabotaging your body, how to detox effectively, and how to see results in just a few days.

You’ll use this cheat sheet to remove all of the snacks you instinctively reach for during cravings, replacing them with just as tasty whole food alternatives.

When you join today, you’ll also become a member of the 10-Day Body Reset Facebook Group. This exclusive community will support and encourage your progress.


Detox Meal Plan for Meat Eaters

Detox Meal Plan for Vegans & Vegetarians

Meal plans filled with foods you can your family will love are included for the complete 10-day Body Reset cycle—dozens of options are provided.

You don’t have to miss out on this opportunity even if you don’t eat meat! Vegan and Vegetarian meal plans are included, giving you 10 days of additional recipes.



Dr Alexis’s Super Food Cheat Sheet. Get a list of my favorite foods for helping to detoxify and nourish the body 



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