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72 Hour Sugar Free Challenge- FREE

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Do you need to get back on track after the holidays? Did you know that your sugar addiction is a real thing? It is not just you and your willpower. 

Join us for a FREE 72 Hour Sugar Free Challenge 

Sugar causes havoc to your health. The World Health Organization recommends that you only eat 5 teaspoons of sugar a day (25 g). The average Canadian eats 19 teaspoons or 95g/day. 

High amounts of sugar are detrimental to:

-your hormonal health (PMS, heavy periods, PCOS and acne)


-your immune system

-mental health (depression and anxiety)


Sugar is also a major contributing factor to diabetes, heart disease and cancer 


In our 72 hour challenge you will receive 3 full days of a meal plan, email support from Dr Alexis and  access to our private Facebook group

The challenge starts Thursday Jan 4th