17 Healthy Foods a Naturopath Buys at Costco, and 5 Things her Husband Buys

One thing that I get asked a lot by patients is what I buy at the grocery store. I thought I would do a blog on my favorite healthy picks, and maybe a treat or two as well, from Costco! Things I like about shopping at Costco are they are a good organic and gluten free selection, and this always seems to be expanding as well. Obviously I also like their prices on most item. I say most, because you do have to watch as not everything is a deal at Costco. To do this round up of my favorite items I pretty much did a tour around our kitchen/fridge/freezer and picked out things that we consistently buy. My husband has requested that I include what he buys when he goes to Costco 😊. You might notice that we don’t buy much in terms of fresh fruit and veggies there and there are two reasons for that. Number 1, we have a CSA from a local farm so we get a lot of our produce from there and number 2 we are only a family of 3 including a toddler so we find the fresh fruit and veg go bad before we get to enjoy them

Top Costco Picks

Frozen Section


  • Hummus- We always buy to have on hand for a quick snack or to add to a goddess bowl
  • Guacamole- Same for snacking
  • Kombucha- It is not my favorite brand, but the price is right
  • Organic Olives- Great for a quick, high fat snack or if you are craving something salty




Things My Husband Buys at Costco


Two bonus item I forgot about until I was reviewing this list are Organic Olive Oil and Organic Coffee. 

There you have it. We don’t buy these every time we go, but these are a few of the items that seem to always be in the rotation for us.

What do you find you always buy from Costco? Post below to let me know.


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