"The skin conditioning cream is fantastic. I have literally tried every single cream on the market to battle my children's eczema and had to resort to prescription cortisone until a friend told me about this cream. It's fantastic and works super well on bad eczema!" -Miriam S

"Seriously the best products ever! I use them on both myself and my 3 month old baby :)"  - Lyndsay V

"I have used all the baby products and love them!!! I am happy to find products that are all natural and safe for my little man!! Thank you my favs are diaper rash cream and shampoo/body wash :)"  - Christine G

"My 2 week old newborn had a terrible diaper rash. She was in pain. We tried over the counter creams from the drugstore, and after a visit to the doctor, two prescription creams. Nothing worked - in fact it kept getting worse. I fell upon your Diaper Cream and within less than 24 hours, it started to finally heal. Now, 3 days in, it's gone!!! I call it magic in a bottle. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to try more of your products!" - Jessica L

"I was given a baby travel pack of Eco when my daughter was born, and I am now in love with these products and won't use anything else. I love the baby lotion and the diaper cream." - Susan D

"I swear by their peppermint foot cream and their fast absorbing hand cream is perfect for my work as a chef." Ivana B

"Very fast shipping and love the products. Appreciated free shipping for orders over $75. Will definitely re order when finished with this batch of products. The baby lotion is the best!" - Erin T

"Everything that I have from Eco Chic is amazing (pretty much the whole baby line). Highly recommend everything!! Plus the diaper cream and special concerns cream helped clear up a nasty rash that my little babe had in one night! Love love everything! : )" - Christina Z

"Just thought I would let you know the baby oil and skin conditions cream has helped so much with my babies eczema. Haven't used the hydrocortisone cream since! Thanks so much for making a great product. Will order again when I run out" - Melissa

"I think Eco Chic is why my baby has such perfectly beautiful skin. Thank you and congratulations!" - Colleen

"Wow! I'm really impressed with your prices - VERY reasonable compared to many other botanically-based brands!!" - Ashley

"We've been loving the skin conditions cream we purchased" - Stephanie

"My baby had the most irritated tush and after only a couple applications his bum is back to normal. I honestly didn't expect results so quickly from the diaper cream" - Katya

"Absolutely loving the baby lotion and baby oil" - Therese

"We LOVE the baby face cream! Fantastic product" - Casey

"LOVE the diaper cream! Received mine this past weekend and within two days It had cleared up my newborns diaper rash which I had been unsuccessfully treating for the past couple weeks. Its my new go to diaper cream and I will be recommending It to all my mommy friends!" - Chelsea