Our Ingredients

It’s time for consumers to demand safe, non-toxic skin care products made with all natural skincare ingredients. In conventional skin care products the strong fragrances and rich lathers that are enticing to customers come at a price. These selling features are the result of the harmful ingredients that are present in their products. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how these products can have such a long shelf life and be sold at such low prices? Once again the answer is harmful chemicals.

Eco Chic Movement will never use any of these harmful chemicals in our products. We make the choice to not only avoid harmful ingredients in our products, but to also include all natural skincare ingredients that help improve the health of the skin.

Here is a short list of some of our favourite ingredients, and what benefits they have for your skin!

Aloe Vera

Is one of the golden ingredients in natural skin care products. Aloe vera has many beneficial properties such as being anti- itch, soothing, moisturizing and assisting in wound and burn healing. It is also anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and helps with cell proliferation. Aloe is such a great moisturizer because it is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the air and helps it be absorbed through the skin.

Avocado Oil

Is one of the oils with the highest amounts of vitamins including A, B1, B2, B5, D, E and beta carotene. It helps soothe itchy skin, and calm redness and inflammation. It contains a high amount of oleic acid, making it great for sun or wind burned skin. It also contains chlorophyll, which helps give it it’s lovely green hue.


Is a herb that is an all natural skincare superhero! It is a yellow-orange flower that can be found in gardens around the world. It it well known to be beneficial for eczema, cuts, burns and diaper rash. Its superhero powers come from its ability to be anti-inflammatory, help with wound healing, have antiseptic properties and help with skin regeneration, all while smelling great.

Shea Butter

Contains a high level of oleic acid which makes it anti-inflammatory, skin regenerating and moisturizing. There is also quite a bit of stearic acid in shea butter resulting in increased flexibility of the skin and provide faster skin repair. Shea serves as a great barrier for the skin, keeping moisture in and the elements out. It is successfully used to reduce skin redness, and decrease wound healing time. Shea has been shown to provide a slight SPF protection (6-8).