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Eczema Eraser Workshop

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Join Dr. Alexis for a pre-recorded 2 hour Masterclass. discussing everything related to eczema. This is for either adult or child/baby eczema. If you or your child suffers from eczema this masterclass is a must, all of the most commonly asked questions about eczema will be answered. 

Topics covered

-Foods that can Trigger Eczema 

-Topical Solutions

-Leaky Skin/Gut

-Nutrient Deficiencies 

-Reducing Toxins that can Flare Eczema 

-Supplements that can Help 

-Best Cleaning and Laundry Products for Eczema

and more!!


$215 VALUE FOR $97


What You Get

- Case Study and Masterclass ($175 value)

- Hidden Sources of Eggs and Dairy ($20 value)

- Workbook ($10 value)

- Sample of a cream for sensitive skin ($5 value)

- Coupon ($5 value)