4 Tips for Taking Care of Baby and Toddler Skin in the Winter

Oh winter, love it or hate it, it's something that can create challenges as a new mom. Things are already overwhelming and now you ahve to figure out what temperature it is still safe to take baby out, how to dress them for winter, and how to protect baby's sensitive skin. 

Many moms want to get out and do winter activities with their babies and kids, and it is very healthy to do so! I am here to take the worry out of those winter outdoor trips! 

Here are 3 quick tips to keep your baby or child's skin smooth and hydrated this winter 

1) Before going out in the cold, slap on some Baby Face Cream and Lip Balm. The cold and wind in the winter is extra drying and harsh. A good barrier cream is a necessity to protect their sensitive cheeks and chin from the blustery winds. Lips are often overlooked with kids. Many kids are lip lickers, and our Lip Balms are natural and safe for children 

2) Moisturize the entire body twice a day with Baby Lotion. Baby Lotion isn't just for babies! It is designed for anyone with sensitive skin, and works great for toddlers and kids. My favorite tip is to apply baby lotion to damp skin after the bath for even better absorption. 

3) Winter germs got the best of you? Our Chest Rub helps to soothe your little one! Can be applied to the chest, back, bottom of the feet and sides of the nose 

Keep it simple and get outside this winter to enjoy the beautiful white snow with your baby. 

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