Ways to Make Earth Day Everyday

With Earth Day around the corner, here are some ways to make this year the time to make environmentally friendly changes - no matter how big or small

  • Reuse Containers
  • Switch Your Family’s Skincare Products
  • Plant a Garden
  • Make A Bone Broth


You may be asking yourself how is switching you family’s skincare products helpful to the Earth? By making the choice to go toxin free, you are not only reducing you and your family’s exposure to toxins. This results in less chemicals being used to produce skincare products and produces less chemical waste that takes its toll on our environment.

How does making a bone broth help the environment? It is the ultimate “leftover soup”. In a bone broth you utilize the bones of the animal (less waste). I also throw in any of my veggies that are getting a little old and wilted. Bone broth is chock full of minerals and collagen…which are both great for your skin! Pat yourself on the back, you just made a great healthy snack out of what some would consider to be garbage


Speaking of making your food work for your skin….here is how to make your own face mask this Earth Day with ingredients you already have in your kitchen!

Turmeric Mask

This mask is a good one for people with a variety of skin issues. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, helps to reduce redness and slow aging from free radical damage.  Similarly, honey has many great inherent properties for the skin, including being  antimicrobial and helping to decrease skin healing time. It is also a great one for acne. For maximum benefits, use local unpasteurized honey. Did you know honey can also help reduce your allergy symptoms? For more on this check out my upcoming blog on allergies. The mask is also touted to have “skin brightening” effects.  Wash you face thoroughly before applying the masks.

1 TBSP Turmeric

1 TBSP Greek Yogurt (full fat)

1 TBSP Unpasteurized Honey

Mix these ingredients together, apply to the face and leave on for about 30 min.



Dr Alexis’ Review of the Turmeric Mask

Although the mask did make my skin extra soft the next day, I have to warn you about the “skin brightening” effects. I am quite pale skinned and I washed my face about 5 times immediately after the mask, and another 3 or 4 times in the morning and I felt that I still had an orange/yellow tinge!  The verdict: I would still do this mask again, just not when I have to work in the morning to allow more time for the turmeric to fade! Although….maybe it would work as a natural spray tan?!


Not into making your own products? It is a great time to make the switch to a toxin free beauty product like our Oily Skin Moisturizer

We are going to be saving you some green this Earth Day with our Earth Day Party! Come on over to the Facebook Page on Thursday April 21 from 7-10 to get 30% off of your purchase (between 7:00-8:30) and 25% off from 8:30-10 pm


See you then!

Dr Alexis




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