Eco Chic Mama Membership

Eco Chic Mama Membership

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This comprehensive workshop provides expert advice on reducing the frequency and duration of children's illnesses. Learn how to manage fevers and colds, treat ear infections naturally, recover from gastrointestinal issues, and keep your child healthy during the cold season. With the information provided, you can keep your child in peak health year-round.

Topics covered

-When you need to go to the doctor versus when things can be managed at home

-Fever Management

-Natural options for treatment and prevention of ear infections 

-Reducing the frequency of illness 

-Getting better and back to daycare/school faster

-How to support their immune system in viral season

-Recovering from gastrointestinal infections

-Role of gut health in the immune system

-What to eat and what not to eat when sick 

 and more!!

What You Get

- Workshop

- List of my favorite herbs, vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic 

- Coupon for $5 off Eco Chic Movement products ($5 value)

- Lifetime access to the recording