Dr. Alexis Reid,
BASc., MSc., N.D. 

Why did I decide to start Eco Chic Movement? I was always drawn to skin care products, and enjoyed trying a variety of facial creams in search of relief for my dry skin. I never really thought about the chemicals in these products until I started doing my master’s research. I was researching breast cancer and was absolutely shocked to find that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the chemicals I was studying that are well established to increase the risk of breast cancer, were listed as possible ingredients in my favourite shampoo! How could that be?

I took a week off from my master’s research (don’t tell my supervisor) to find out what else was in my personal care products that shouldn’t be. Once again, I was astonished with the lack of government regulation of the cosmetic and personal care product industry in North America. If the government wasn’t going to sufficiently protect me, I was going to have to learn to protect myself. I tried numerous natural lines over the next few years and found them to be OK, but they could not deliver on the texture, performance and smell like my conventional products did.

When enrolled in naturopathic medicine and learning about natural care for the skin, it dawned on me, I should start making my own products. After many failures and revisions I have now formulated products that have the effectiveness of your conventional product without the toxic burden. I have incorporated my knowledge of chemistry, toxicology and botanical medicine to insure that every Eco Chic Movement product contains the best ingredients in complementary combinations.