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What if I told you there was a way to treat eczema without steroid creams? What if the key was treating baby eczema naturally?

Save yourself from spending another late night scouring the internet trying to figure out how you can help your child, going down a huge rabbit hole of natural treatments for baby eczema and still ending up super confused and no further ahead 3 hours later.

All it takes is a quick search in any Facebook Mom Group to see how many questions there are about baby and childhood eczema! What's the best cream for baby eczema? How frequently should they bathe? What laundry detergent is best? Can you treat eczema without steroids?

All of these are important questions, but do you know what is the most important when it comes to treating baby eczema naturally? Figuring out your child’s eczema triggers!

Welcome to the Eczema Eraser Workshop, dedicated to treating child and baby eczema naturally! I will show you how to manage your baby/child’s eczema without the dependence on steroid creams by learning their eczema triggers. In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn: 

  • How to figure out the common baby eczema triggers, from foods to topical irritants
  • A “cream routine” of top products for baby eczema
  • How your water may be irritating their skin
  • How to eliminate food triggers if you are breastfeeding
  • The best clothes and pajama’s for eczema


During the workshop I will be going over one case study pre-submitted by a workshop participant. I will go through exactly what steps I would take to get to the bottom of their eczema and start treating baby eczema naturally.

Why I'm Passionate About Treating Baby Eczema Naturally 

Hi am Dr Alexis, a Naturopathic Doctor, Toxicologist and Chemical Engineer. I have successfully helped hundreds of patients over the last 8 years in my practice with their eczema. I even have a non-toxic skincare line, Eco Chic Movement, devoted to helping those who suffer from eczema better manage their itching and redness.

I thought I had natural treatments for baby eczema figured out. Then I had my son, who had (insert irony) “the worst eczema his specialists had ever seen”. This was a huge kick in the teeth both personally and professionally. Here was my son, with the worst case of the condition I have spent most of my practice helping other people with and nothing, and I mean nothing, was helping.

A follower had sent me a picture of her son’s severe eczema early on in our journey and I showed my husband saying “can you imagine if Harvey ever got that bad”. Months later we looked back on that picture and confirmed that in fact Harvey’s eczema was much worse!

It started when he was around 4 months old and just went downhill from there. 

I tried all the usual things I do with my patients when treating baby eczema naturally: cutting dairy, then gluten, adding in a probiotic, changing his laundry detergent, adding humidity to our house, the list goes on and on - but nothing helped.

I was told that eczema is just something most babies get and to just use the heavy duty steroid creams and biologics (Protopic, I’m looking at you) and get on with life. Full disclosure, we did have to use some hydrocortisone along the way because his eczema was so bad it was getting infected. But, I was still optimistic because I was making progress on his triggers.

It was a long and daunting process. I had to learn how to treat eczema without steroids all over again. But I am happy to say that now, 1 year later, he has virtually NO eczema (the occasional little spot in the dead of a Canadian winter, which is a feat in itself). I have been down in the trenches battling eczema for the last year and now I am taking that knowledge to help guide you to a much smoother path.



I truly understand how hard this is on you as a mom. The guilt, shame, feeling like you are never doing enough to help your child. I know how many times someone has said to you “have you tried putting some cream on him?”. I know how isolated you feel. I know you may be questioning whether treating baby eczema naturally is even possible.

All it takes is a quick look through my Instagram to notice that Harvey’s eczema is mostly absent from the feed. His eczema hit me very hard. I felt like I was failing as a mom. It was dead end after dead end. Everything I knew about steroid-free eczema treatments wasn’t working. I took him to his pediatrician multiple times only to be told “he had some eczema, that happens with babies, and that I should go to my own doctor for postpartum anxiety.” I know how hard it is to get a referral to an allergist. I know that the wait time to see a dermatologist or allergist is 6-12 months, and it’s even harder to get your child seen in person since Covid. I know how expensive this route can be if you are in the USA. I have talked to moms who spent $1500 to go to the allergist and left with many unanswered questions. I know how hard you are pushing to get your child help.

Why I'm Committed to Treating Baby Eczema Naturally 

It all came to a head for me at a show before Christmas time. I had an exhibitor booth there and Harvey and my husband were with me. A vendor who was beside me at the show kept making comments to other people at her booth that were meant for me to hear “oh that poor baby, too bad they aren’t using anything on him to help him”, “I can’t imagine how awful he feels."

She kept the comments going for a few hours pointing him out to anyone who came by her booth. I couldn’t take it anymore. I lost it, started crying, yelling at her that I was pushing to get him into specialists, I was eating only 4 foods and feeding him around the clock. I was bawling, couldn’t catch my breath and just needed to leave. I had been hiding him and feeling ashamed of myself as a mom and to me this proved that I had been right to feel that way. As I was packing up Harvey to leave, a woman came up to me and said to ignore that woman and that she had a son with severe eczema as well and she knew the lengths I was going to to try to help him. All I could muster between tears was a thanks, but we connected on Facebook afterwards and I was so grateful to be able to tell her how much that meant to me.

I have been wanting to help moms and babies struggling with eczema for so long. I've been wanting to show that treating baby eczema naturally is possible. But my journey with Harvey hit too close to home and I wasn’t able to share everything with the world until after he was fully better.

I think the saying is it is better to share from a scar, not an open wound. Now that the wound is healed I am so excited to share everything I have learned about how to treat eczema without steroids, as both a naturopathic doctor and mom.

Eczema Case Studies

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am not allowed to share patient’s testimonials.
So I will share these case studies about treating baby and child eczema naturally instead:

  • A 3 year old boy who had been suffering from moderate eczema since he was 6 months old. His mom had tried multiple eczema creams that only provided temporary relief, and then his eczema came back worse than before. She was understandably frustrated. We worked to remove his triggers (dairy and citrus), changed his bath and cream routine, corrected his nutrient deficiencies and his skin was fully clear within 3 months. 

2. A 4 month old baby who was covered head to toe in severe eczema. His mom was told she needed to stop breastfeeding and switch to a hypoallergenic formula. We removed the trigger foods from mom’s diet and supplemented mom with probiotic, fish oil, zinc and vitamin d. They started to notice improvements within 2 weeks and after 2 months his skin was much better .

Are you ready to master treating baby eczema naturally? 





My signature SKIN method is a complete system to eliminate eczema triggers, regulate the immune system, correct nutritional deficiencies and reduce or eliminate the need for steroid creams. My signature SKIN method is a complete system to eliminate eczema triggers, regulate the immune system, correct nutritional deficiencies and reduce or eliminate the need for steroid creams.

The National Eczema Association reports that 12% of children will have eczema before they reach the age of 3. The rates of eczema in children have risen from 8-12% in the last 10 years. 70% of eczema sufferers report that the itch can become unbearable. I know how hard it can be to watch you child itching away and feeling helpless.

And if you want to treat eczema without steroid cream, I know how daunting that process can feel. That’s why I created the Eczema Eraser Workshop.


2.5 hour recorded workshop in which I will dive deep into how to help manage your baby or child’s eczema without steroid creams - unlocking key strategies to treating baby eczema naturally.

Topics Covered Include

  • Bath products and frequency
  • Top topical baby eczema triggers
  • What you may be doing with your laundry that is making their eczema worse
  • How to make your water more gentle on eczema prone skin
  • What eczema creams to use instead of steroids 
  • The best clothes and pajamas for eczema babies and children
  • The top food triggers for eczema and how to figure out what is your child’s trigger
  • How to eliminate food triggers if you are breastfeeding
  • Hypoallergenic formula suggestions

During the live workshop I will go through one case study from start to finish and show you exactly how I would get to the bottom of their eczema. All participants will have the option to submit their child’s eczema journey as a case before the workshop and I will pick one that I think has relatable aspects to everyone attending


$215 value for $97

  • A sample of one of our creams for sensitive skin. I know you likely have a “cream graveyard” at home and have tried everything under the sun topically. We will send you a sample so you can try it out commitment free
  •  $5 off coupon for any of our non-toxic baby skincare products on our online store 
  • Printable of hidden sources of both dairy and eggs that can be put on your fridge for easy reference 
  • Workbook, to help you keep all your new eczema knowledge in one handy place