9. Reducing Anxiety Caused by Baby Milestones with Jena Schultz, PT, DPT, PCS

November 06, 2023 - Dr. Alexis Reid

If you’re anything like me, milestones have caused you anxiety over the years. Especially the early days of being a mom and people are continually asking you questions like, “is he crawling yet?” We are lucky to have Dr. Jena Schultz join us on the podcast today. She is a pediatric physical therapist and owner of Driving Development. Jena is also a mom and her areas of interest in her practice include tongue ties, torticollis, flat head, and gross motor delay. 

In our conversation with Dr. Jena she explains what milestones are and why they are so important. Ever feel like you don’t know how to play with your baby? Dr. Jena walks us through some examples of play we can be doing with our baby in order to still be helping them developmentally. Baby containers are a hot topic. Dr. Jena describes her recommendation for using these and an alternative option that provides multiple benefits.

If you are a mom that is suffering from milestone anxiety we want you to tune in to this episode. Just know that you can still help your baby with their developmental milestones even if it may seem like they are behind the status quo. Don’t let comparison steal your joy!

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