10. How to Take Care of Your Baby or Child's Skin - Answering Your Most FAQs

November 13, 2023 - Dr. Alexis Reid

After listening to this episode you will have a blueprint on how to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized. Today I am talking with you about one of my favorite subjects - baby skincare! I am answering some of your most frequently asked questions on what products to use, how frequent to bathe, how & when to apply creams, and more. 

I dive into why I make a zinc free diaper cream, what makes the Eco Chic diaper cream different and why I’m so happy with it. I cover baby acne; what it is, if you should be concerned and whether or not it goes away on its own. I cover cradle cap and what you should do instead of picking at it. And I go into what products to use when baby gets that dreaded first cold.

This episode is full of my favorite tips for developing baby’s skin care routine. Pick and choose the parts that work best for you!

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