8. How to Increase Your Energy During Pregnancy and Postpartum with Minerals with Allegra Gast, IBCLC and RD

October 30, 2023 - Dr. Alexis Reid

Do you know what a mineral mocktail is?! Tune in this week to hear our guest, Allegra Gast from Aloha Nutrition, explain what these are and why they are so beneficial. Allegra is a lactation consultant and a registered dietitian. She’s also a super mom; raising two littles and pregnant with twins! Today we are talking about something that impacts all parents - energy. Allegra lets us know how to get more of it from the food and drinks we’re having on a daily basis and we take a deep dive into the impact of minerals. 

There are some common symptoms that might be an indicator that you are low in minerals. If you’re hesitant to add more salt into your diet because of the no salt messaging that we were bombarded with in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, let this conversation debunk those myths. The key to adding more sodium to your diet is to make sure that you have enough potassium with it.

Allegra covers why so many moms struggle with low minerals and explains how breastfeeding affects the usage of minerals. She covers whether or not minerals are safe in higher doses and educates us on why a hair tissue mineral assessment is going to give you a better read on your mineral status than a blood test.

If you want to start incorporating more minerals into your diet, listen in because Allegra shares her top food recommendations and shares her secret mocktail recipe!

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