7. Postpartum Mental Health - Everything from Birth Trauma, to Boundary Setting, to Parenting Support with Chelsea Bodie from Mama Psychologists

October 23, 2023 - Dr. Alexis Reid

We have one half of @mamapsychologists with us today, Chelsea Bodie. She is a registered psychologist in Alberta, Canada. Together, with her business partner Caitlin Slavens, they have a wealth of information on all things maternal mental health, birth trauma, and parenting support. You may recognize them from their Instagram account which has over 500,000 followers!

Chelsea herself is a NICU parent and as a psychologist herself she shares what was surprising for her in this situation that no parent ever imagines they’ll be in. Chelsea also explains what signs we should look out for in our new mama friends to recognize when they might be experiencing postpartum anxiety or depression.

Have you experienced mom rage? Many of my clients come to me with this concern. Chelsea hashes out what the big contributors are to why we can feel this way in motherhood and what causes us to feel so irritable at times. She also dives into the topic of infertility & pregnancy loss and shares how trying to find the silver lining in those situations isn’t always helpful.

We also cover screen time and how to set boundaries around that, the most important boundaries in general to teach your children, maternal mental load, and suggestions for parents who think, or know, they have a highly sensitive child.

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