1. Welcome to the Eco Chic Movement Podcast

September 25, 2023 - Dr. Alexis Reid

Hello! I’m so excited you’re here for the first episode of the Eco Chic Movement Podcast. I’m Dr. Alexis Reid, a naturopathic doctor who has been practicing for almost 10 years. I have my undergraduate degree in chemical engineering and a masters in toxicology. I’m also the founder of Eco Chic Movement, a nontoxic skin care line for babies and mamas with sensitive skin. I’m a mom to an almost four year old so I’m in the trenches of motherhood with you all!

What makes this podcast different then all the other mom podcasts out there? I’m going to help educate you on your child’s health both from my own knowledge and via the help of many experts including physiotherapists, therapists, lactation consultants, dietitians, pediatricians, and speech language pathologists. This podcast will not be preachy and the last thing I want you to feel is shame for what you might be doing or not doing when it comes to your child’s health.  

My goal with this podcast is to educate and empower you as a mom. I want to get your burning questions answered and to do deep dives into topics that matter most to you. Just because I am a naturopathic doctor doesn’t mean my approach is all or nothing. I think the best approach to health is to understand and utilize both conventional and natural medicine.

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