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  I always say that postpartum hair loss is up there amongst all the other things like diapers, (not for the baby), extreme exhaustion/lack of sleep, and the first postpartum bowel movement that everyone forgets to mention when they are reminiscing, with bliss, about their postpartum experience. Postpartum hair loss or shedding that is significant occurs to up to 50% of postpartum women. Some of this shedding is physiological, or in simpler terms, happens for good reasons because your body realizes that it is no longer pregnant. Shedding typically starts at 3-4 months postpartum and usually slows by 6-7 months...

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One thing that I get asked a lot by patients is what I buy at the grocery store. I thought I would do a blog on my favorite healthy picks, and maybe a treat or two as well, from Costco! Things I like about shopping at Costco are they are a good organic and gluten free selection, and this always seems to be expanding as well. Obviously I also like their prices on most item. I say most, because you do have to watch as not everything is a deal at Costco. To do this round up of my favorite...

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It is so easy to forget about yourself once your baby is born. When you are pregnant, looking after yourself physically equates to looking after your baby so it is a top priority. Once baby is born it is a haze of sleepless nights, constant feedings and diaper changes. During this time, it is so hard to remember when you last brushed your teeth let alone if you took your prenatal. I know what you are thinking “prenatal, did I read that right, I had the baby already”. Yes, it’s not a typo, the one supplement that I recommend that...

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It is hard to do anything these days without seeing an ad for anti-aging creams, but what you put on your skin is only one part of the puzzle when it comes to skin health. The skin is your largest organ and it helps provide a tonne of information about your health. Did you know that a common symptom or a food sensitivity can be eczema? Hormonal imbalances can show up as acne and sagging skin and skin discolorations? Your digestive and hormonal health play a key role in getting your skin to look it’s best. If you are not...

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Step #1…be 23. Just kidding, kind of. Having youth on your side as a new mom will definitely benefit how your skin responds to all of the hormonal changes and sleepless nights but it doesn’t mean that the over 30 moms can’t regain their pregnancy glow as well. I was 36, almost 37, when I had Harvey and using the steps below I have been able to keep my skin looking and feeling much like it did before I was pregnant, even with his dislike for sleeping. More effort is likely going to be required to have the same skin...

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