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Step #1…be 23. Just kidding, kind of. Having youth on your side as a new mom will definitely benefit how your skin responds to all of the hormonal changes and sleepless nights but it doesn’t mean that the over 30 moms can’t regain their pregnancy glow as well. I was 36, almost 37, when I had Harvey and using the steps below I have been able to keep my skin looking and feeling much like it did before I was pregnant, even with his dislike for sleeping. More effort is likely going to be required to have the same skin...

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As soon as the weather gets a little nicer here in Canada, the most commonly asked question on all the Facebook Mom Groups is “What is the best sunscreen for babies.” Today I am going to talk about the best natural sunscreens. Why Natural Sunscreens are a Smart Choice As I have went over in previous blog posts, toxins found in skincare products, sequester or “hang out” in our fat cells. This is particularly problematic for babies and kids because this means that they are not only exposed to those toxins when the product is applied, but the toxins are...

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This is a blog post I have been getting many requests to write! It is a bit delayed, Harvey is 9 months now, because we were dealing with severe eczema and potential food allergies which delayed and changed the path for food introductions. More on the severe eczema journey later! That is going to require at least a few dedicated blog posts! Having severe eczema increases the risk of having food allergies, so introducing foods was a tense process for us. Harvey finally got his first allergist appointment at 7 months, so we held off on food introductions until that...

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