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Ahh the 4th trimester, chalk this one up to another one of those things “no one told you”. I remember how hard the first two weeks were with Harvey, with breastfeeding challenges and recovering physically myself. Many women in my circle told me “just make it to 6 weeks, it gets so much better”. Things did get better by 6 weeks, but I definitely noticed a more substantial improvement at the 3-month mark. When I told people this they laughed and said, “yeah but no one wants to tell you that because 3 months feels like forever!” I am the...

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  A common theme that I have seen in my practice is that everyone prepares for the birth, and no one prepares for postpartum. This is not surprising to me, as it is only more recently, that anyone has started talking about postpartum. Ads like the one that got rejected from the Superbowl by Frida are starting to change that. There is now a dialogue starting about postpartum and it is long overdue! Most women I see are not preparing for postpartum because they don’t know that there is much to be prepared for. I usually explain it like this,...

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I was saying to my sister today that I don’t know what I have been doing, as I have been blogging for 6 years and have never done a blog on diaper rash?! It’s extra ironic, considering that our diaper cream is always one of our top 2 selling products. So, I hope it was worth the wait, and you find this post to be a lifesaver for your baby’s bottom Most babies spend 2-3 years in diapers, and you are one of those unicorn parents if you make it through that entire time without having to tackle a diaper...

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  By the time your baby is born, if you are anything like I was, you are looking forward to bringing back in those food and drinks that you had to give up or reduce while pregnant. I was ready to have a glass of wine, some brie cheese, sushi and an ice coffee! I did still have a bit of coffee when I was pregnant, but I am not an everyday coffee drinker to begin with, so it was more limited. Last week I discussed how much coffee is safe in pregnancy if you missed it, click here.  ...

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